First time seeing Calum’s nudes

pumpkin {Harry}

  • Harry had blindfolded you and insured that he would be taking you somewhere really cool. you were slightly concerned judging by some of the other things your boyfriend considered "cool" but you decided to go along with him nonetheless. the car began to shake as you curved onto a winding bumpy road. it smelled like hay and the approach of autumn. when he removed the blindfold your vision was taken over by an abundance of strikingly orange objects. pumpkins! they were everywhere! you both bound out of the car into the field of pumpkins and frolicked while searching for the perfect one. Harry insisted that you get a large pumpkin but you wanted a mini pumpkin as though you didn't want to have to carry a heavy one. Harry attempted to prove to you that it was not very heavy as he hoisted the biggest pumpkin in sight into his arms. this lead to Harry toppling over onto a pile of hay coated with brown leaves. as he brought you down with him you giggled as he lightly pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. he kissed the tip of your nose and leaned close to your face and whispered in agreement "I think we should get a smaller pumpkin babe."